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Varadero International Skydiving Center

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Welcome! Take a glance at this, our site, to know about the history, activities and events of the Varadero International Skydiving Center.

If you happened to go to Varadero Beach and specially to our Skydiving Center you can count on our offers, Tandem Jumps, Solo Jumps, Videos and Photos at free-fall.

Tandem Jump: A new kind of learning and fun modality that allows a non experienced person to jump hooked up to the instructor, with a designed parachute for two persons. This jump is made from 2500 or 3000 meters with a 35-second free-fall, until the parachute is opened by the Tandem Master and both together fly over the hotels and the beach around ten minutes till the landing at the white sands of Varadero.

Solo Jump: For foreigner and national skydivers, whose present their documents to staff for inspection.

Contact us at:

Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo de Varadero

Carretera Vía Blanca, Km 1½,  Varadero,

Matanzas, Cuba

E-mail: .

Phone: +53-5-667256,

Fax:     +53-5-667260

           +44-870-124-9432  (UK)

           +1-520-832-5132   (USA)


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Yurai Núñez Rodríguez

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